Carol in Japan~Day 6~ #Arashiyama

by - August 09, 2017

Day 6--Arashiyama Bamboo Groove

Here comes day 6! My last day in Japan as my flight back to Malaysia was tomorrow......So sad😢😢😢

I spent my last day visiting another MUST VISIT ATTRACTION in Kyoto, which is the Arashiyama Bamboo Groove! You can easily arrive there by taking JR train to JR saga Arashiyama. However, there isn't any JR train station nearby my hotel so I opt for taking bus instead. I boarded No11 bus at Shijo Karasuma station which is pretty near to my hotel and off boarded the bus at Nonomiya bus stop.

I didn't get to visit Tenryuji Temple as it requires an entrance fee of 500 yen to the garden.

The entrance to the bamboo groove! Here I come!

A post shared by Carol Koh JQ (@carolkoh98) on

A post shared by Carol Koh JQ (@carolkoh98) on

There is a small temple inside the bamboo groove and there were so many students praying inside. No wonder I saw lots of students on the streets outside, initially I thought they were having a school trip or something else. Since the temple has attracted so many students here, I guessed they were praying for their study and results. What else can a student wish for besides his/her study? Study matters a lot to a student you know.

And here it is the Togetsukyo Bridge. What a scenic view man! I still can't get over how pretty Kyoto is. Words really can't describe.

And look at that gorgeously clean river! It would be such a difficult thing to see that in my hometown.

Haha! Soft serve again! 300 yen each! Couldn't find a 300 yen soft serve at other places as most of them cost 500 yen. TT

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