Carol in Japan~Day 4~ #Kyoto | A night at Biwako Ryokusuitei

by - August 01, 2017

Day 4--Osaka--Kyoto--Ogoto Onsen--Lake Biwa 

After finished packing all my stuff in the hotel room located in Osaka, I checked out the hotel and began my journey to Kyoto, my next destination!

So according to Google Maps, the easiest and cheapest way to get to Kyoto station is taking Special Rapid Service at Osaka Station. Instead of buying a one way ticket, I used my ICOCA card and spent 560 yen for the train service. The train takes about 24 minutes to Kyoto station, which is pretty fast and convenient! There is also a bullet train service (Shinkansen) to Kyoto which departs from Shin-Osaka station and it only takes 15 minutes to arrive at Kyoto station. However, it costs 1140 yen for one way trip which I think it's soooo expensive.

That's why I opt for the Special Rapid Service as it has more reasonable price and not very time consuming either. So I took a short 10 minutes walk from my hotel to Yodoyabashi station to travel via subway to Umeda station. Umeda station is linked to Osaka station so I just walked to Osaka station by foot. 

After arriving at Kyoto station, I took another train (JR train) to get to Ogoto Onsen station via Tokaido Sanyo line. I was going to spend a night at Biwako Ryokusuitei as they offer Japanese traditional style room and also public onsen. There was free shuttle service from Ogoto onsen station to the hotel and the hotel staffs were so friendly!

The hotel is located near to Lake Biwa. To me I think this is the kind of place suitable fr people who wanna be free from the hustle and bustle of big cities because it doesn't have concrete jungle like big city. You will definitely feel the difference after stepping out from the subway station.

There is a small garden in the hotel so I just explored around to kill time haha!

Lake Biwa~ It is such a perfect place to take ootd! XD

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The time I visited Lake Biwa was around 5pm so the sun began to set. It turned out to be very windy and cool. And the worst case is I didn't bring along my jacket because I left it in the hotel room so I almost freezed to death (JK JK haha). Nonetheless, I tried to endure the coolness as best as I could to take a few shots of Lake Biwa hehe XD. It will be a pity if I didn't take any photographs of the places I been to! 

Some of the pictures I took inside the hotel ⇊

My sis in her Yukata (Japanese bathrobe)

Our room has a private onsen which you can enjoy it whenever you want! Enjoying onsen is such a relaxing activity! I will definitely keep it in my bucket list if I travel to Japan again in the future!

Overall our stay in Biwako Ryokusuitei is nice and pleasant. The breakfast they served was pretty great too as there were lots of grilled fish (including Salmon!) which you have to grill yourself and also many traditional Japanese cold dishes which is something similar to the cold dishes in Korean cuisine, but Japanese one definitely has more variety! One special thing about the bathroom in our hotel room is you have to press a pedal beside shower in order to get water coming out from the shower. So you need to keep pressing the pedal throughout your bathing time. XP

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