Carol in Japan ~Day 5~ #Kyoto

by - August 07, 2017

Day 5--Gion--Fushimi Inari Tasha--Nishiki Market--Teramachi--Shinkyogoku shopping street 

After checking out from Biwako Ryokusuitei, I traveled back to Kyoto station by JR train. From Kyoto station, I traveled to Kyoto Itoya Hotel, where I would stay for the rest of my trip in Kyoto by subway as it was located near to Shijo station. (less than 10 minutes walk) 

Compared to Osaka, I would prefer Kyoto as streets in Kyoto is really BOMB man! You will be able to see a lot of authentic traditional Japanese houses and shops almost everywhere you have been at Kyoto. 

I decided to visit Fushimi Inari Tasha, which is located at south Kyoto. This is a typical place where everyone will definitely go if they were in Kyoto. So do expect it to be super duper crowded if you are not visiting it very very early in the morning. As the saying goes, early bird gets the worm. 

I take a short 10 minutes walk from the hotel to Gion-shijo station and from there I would be able to arrive at Fushimi Inari Tasha station by Keihan Main Line. I felt a bit hungry after a while so I stopped by Family Mart to fill up my empty stomach halfway down the journey to Gion-shijo station.

And yeah I got myself a blueberry yogurt drink and it tastes so so so good! It was such tasty that I have to repeat 3 times! Please give it a try if you spot this at Family Mart!

It was a sunny day~

This scenic view๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

Yeppie safely arrived at Fushimi Inari station! What you will see after the exit is some souvenir shops and restaurants.

Chestnuts!!! Ma favourite!

Woah as crowded as I expected it to be. XP

Admission to the shrine is free so I guess that's why so many people wanna go there and take a look! Come on who doesn't like free things? XD

This is where you can clean your hands before going into the shrine.

Spotted lots of women wearing Kimono~ (if only renting a Kimono didn't cost so much TT)

Damn it was so crowded that I could hardly take a nice photo. :(

Keep going up~

Haha this is not the view from the very top, I only made it near to the top (maybe halfway?) as my sister was running out of energy and water.

Time to get back to the hotel. XD

After taking ample time of rest, I decided to explore Nishiki Market, which is located near the hotel. I literally have no idea how and where Teramachi and Nishiki Market intersect as others who had been there said both of them intersect at a point. So I was not sure whether I was in Teramachi or Shinkyogoku street. But one thing I was absolutely sure about it is I knew I was at the market when I saw a lot of typical things sold at a market. 

Also Nishiki market has narrower pathway so I found it more difficult to stroll along the crowded market. The market closes at 6pm so make sure you go there earlier before all the shops close.

Nishiki market๐Ÿ‘†

Ice cream! Yayyyy

Haha chestnut again XP

We decided to try Shabu Shabu in Japan so after searching in the internet, we found a Shabu Shabu restaurant nearby which is called Ton Shabu Hide. It is a normal house and located on the second floor. 

It's time to eat~~

I was not sure what type of Shabu set we had ordered but believe me I was so damn full and couldn't even finish them (just left some vege and ramen) . I tried my best guys...It was really too much for me......

There is a temple just beside Teramachi but I didn't visit it as I planned to visit other temples in Kyoto. There are tons of temples to visit in Kyoto and it was so hard to make a decision on which one to go as most of them require admission fee.TT


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