BAKE Cheese Tart @ Teramchi Kyoto

by - August 08, 2017

I'm a cheese lover!!! I love every food made with cheese, especially cheese cakes and cheese tarts! Cheese tarts are so common in Japan that you can spot a shop which sells cheese tarts almost every corner of the streets. So how can I not try them when I was in Japan? Just forget about its calories and sugar because you never wanna miss out such a heavenly scrumptious snack!

I tried it at this BAKE Cheese Tart shop located at Teramachi, Kyoto. Another well known shop selling cheese tarts is Pablo but I didn't get to try it as there will always be a long queue outside Pablo and I don't have the patient to wait haha.

The moment when I stepped into the shop I immediately smelled cheese and this really made me crave for the cheese tarts. XP

Freshly baked cheese tarts!!! Looks so delicious!

It costs 216 yen for each cheese tart and 1242 yen for six of it, which will be packed inside the yellow box.

Personally I don't think it has much difference compared to the cheese tarts sold in Malaysia (Uncle Tetsu). All the texture and fillings taste as same as the Uncle Tetsu one. The only difference is their price. Cheese tarts in Japan cost almost double the price at Uncle Tetsu. If you wanna try something different you can try Pablo cheese cake as it is half cooked! You can't find that in Malaysia, I supposed?  

Address : 522, Nakano-cho, Shin-Kyogoku-dori Shijou Agaru

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