Negativity Overload

by - July 19, 2017

Currently on bad mood days :(((((

Life will always have up and down, sometimes you are feeling extremely happy and grateful, but some other days you can be so gloomy and you feel like everything just goes against with you in purpose.

Recently it seems everything happens around me is all bad and nothing really good happens though. My online shop business isn't going well, got scammed on Carousell, nobody is interested in my content on Goody and so on. All the bad things came to me in a sudden, and I feel so tired of them.

I just don't get it. Why??

Why are people not interested in the clothes I sell online? Is it so ugly that people don't even wanna look at it? I have been thinking about this all the time, "if only I am an influencer so that I can promote my online shop a whole lot easier without having to offer sponsorship to influencers.

Why do people want to scam others without any reasons? Is there a grand prize for the best scammer in the world? Fyi, I'm a seller at Carousell. So one day this girl called @dshaabeauty said she was interested in the Levi's jeans I sell and asks for cash on delivery. And I said yeah sure we can meet up at Shell petrol station. On the day of meet up she gone missing and she didn't even reply my SMS and pick up my calls. At that moment I was like "What da hell are you playing game with me?". I know I should have double confirmed with a buyer before meeting up. And I know I wasn't the only one in this world who got scammed in online business but I really don't understand. Can someone please explain to me any benefits of scamming? I had done nothing wrong to you and you scammed me in purpose? What? That's why our world have become so ugly that you have no idea who's being honest to you and who's cheating you. It's all because of these foolish scammers!

I know I am not a creative person who have a creative mind. So the content I created may not be attractive and people don't even wanna read them because it's so boring. But I'm trying my best to create a nice content with helpful information and encouragement. But people just don't buy it. It's like I'm creating rubbish which is useless to them.

Why? I have no idea.

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