Carol in Japan ~Day 3~ #Osaka

by - July 16, 2017

Day 3 -- Tsutenkaku Tower -- Shinsekai -- Namba Park -- Dotonbori

To be honest, streets along Shinsekai are really less crowded during daytime and lots of shops haven't even opened too. So I guessed this place might be more crowded during night time. I strongly encourage you to come over here at night if you love crowded places.

But I don't really like crowded place because you know what? It's so difficult to capture a nice photo due to the crowd! You need to find a perfect angle for a perfect shot and that takes time to me as a beginner in photography.

To get to Shinsekai, you need to go to Ebisucho station and take Exit 5. From what I remembered I could see the tower shortly after walking out of the exit. Just follow the direction of the tower and you will soon arrive at the tower.

Hehe spotted a damn cute and pinky car park along our journey. The person who build this car park must be a huge fan of Hello Kitty.

Hey I found you hahaha

This is like a typical shot that everyone who had been here will take.

Tried takoyaki at one of the shops and it's super tasty! Takoyaki is one of the must try food in Osaka! So do have it a try when you visit Osaka! Its super easy to find a Takoyaki shop in Osaka especially in Dotonbori.

Honestly I have no idea where were we heading to that time, we were literally just continued walking down the street without knowing where we will go to......

What to do when you are lost? Google map! XD

After Google mapping, we walked to a nearby train station (I forgot what's the name of the station LOL) and our next destination is Namba Park!

Well known for its unique architecture, Namba Parks is an office as well as a shopping complex. It is a green building that connects people in the city with lush greenery. You will find a rooftop filled with plantation, which is so relaxing after seeing that for those who are feeling stressful. I didn't explore further in the shopping complex as it looks super high class and way too pricey for me haha.

Instead I walked for about 5 minutes to reach Dotonbori for lunch! Yayyy it's craving time! XD

I managed to try Ichiran Ramen at Dotonbori despite the longggggg queue. For those who wanna try their ramen, do expect a longggg queue outside their shop during peak hour. Seriously I waited for at least 30 minutes and it was freaking hot due as it's already midday. The moment I entered the shop it was like a step from hell to heaven LOL

And yeah my craving for ramen is satisfied! One of its special feature that kind of attracts me is being able to choose a ramen that suits your personal flavour. For instance you can choose how rich the soup you want it to be, how soft or hard the ramen, how strong its flavour, spicy or not spicy and many more choices!

I went for a soft ramen, less salty, medium flavoured ramen and to be honest I didn't really feel super amazed or impressed of it even if I have never eaten a ramen like this in JB, but  surprisingly I just felt okay about it. Nothing really really special but worth it a try though (for the environment Lollll). Maybe because I don't really like rich soup so my experience in Ichiran is just, okay?

Plus it costs about RM35 for this bowl of ramen, which the price is considered acceptable in Japan XP

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