HOTEL REVIEW | Kyoto Itoya Hotel

by - July 18, 2017

I stayed at Kyoto Itoya Hotel throughout our trip in Kyoto. The main reason why I have chosen this hotel instead of thousands other hotels in Agoda is because it's close to Shijo subway station (5 mins walk) which made our trip more convenient. Besides there are two convenience stores nearby so sometimes I had sandwiches or bento as my breakfast.

To me it's like a simple boutique hotel without other facilities like gym or swimming pool, which is the kind of hotel I want to stay at. Generally my stay at this hotel is pretty nice and comfortable. The staffs are super friendly and don't worry if you don't know how to speak Japanese as they can speak really good English.

I booked for a twin bed room without breakfast so it costs about RM330 per night inclusive of all taxes. This price is already considered acceptable in Japan as it's soooo damn hard to find a hotel room (close to station) which costs less than RM300 a night in Japan. However you are able to find a RM200 hostel room which bunches of people you don't know sleep together with you in the same room tho. 

And yes they have breakfast service in the morning and if I'm not mistaken their breakfast is served in a western shop located at the first floor of the hotel. Let's say you wanna have their breakfast tomorrow you have to reserve it before 9pm today. The breakfast costs RM40 per person. I couldn't tell you guys whether the breakfast is nice or not as I didn't managed to try it due to budget problem LOL

Hotel lobby is on the second floor so you need to take a lift up to the second floor for reception. They have a small lounge beside the reception too where they serve all hotel guests welcome drink. They will give you a welcome drink voucher upon checking in and you can enjoy some snacks and drink such as orange juice, coffee or tea.

And this is the room I stayed with my sister! So cozy and spacious!

The cute little key which unlocks my room door.

They even provided two bottles of free mineral water every day throughout our stay! So nice! There are a minibar and small cupboard with hangers inside too.

Toilet view. Japanese hotel always gives the best service to their guests as they will provide toothbrush, hand wash soap, body wash, shampoo and even conditioner!

You can also borrow universal plug adapter from the reception too! How helpful they are!

My stay at this hotel is really amazing and I sleep so well for every night I stayed at this hotel. I highly recommend this hotel for those who want to visit Kyoto!

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