Carol in Japan ~Day 2~ #Osaka

by - July 16, 2017

Day 2 --Namba Walk -- Kuromon Ichiba Market -- Dotonbori Street -- Shinsaibashi Shopping Street

After spending almost a day for flying to Osaka, my adventure finally starts at day 2!! The first stop I'm gonna head to is Kuromon Ichiba Market. Some people said if you have never been to markets in Japan during travelling, it means that you have never been to Japan! So I'm super excited as I wanna have a very precise look at Kuromon Ichiba Market to have a deep explore of it.

To get to the market I go to Nipponbashi subway station on Sakaisuji Line. At the subway station, there is an underground shopping street (not very huge) called Namba Walk. Before going to the market I decided to wander around Namba Walk as it's still quite early. From the station exit I walk for a while to arrive at the market. Luckily I got Google Map as my "road guider".

There are so many kinds of fresh seafood sold at the shops like giant scallops, crab, grilled fish and many more!

Look at that giant scallop!

You can also find fresh fruits there! They even have orangish strawberry which they called them as white strawberry.

I advise you not to visit there during lunch time as it would be super duper crowded.

Oh god their prawns and crab are so gigantic!

Grilled chicken! Yumzzzz

Grilled gigantic prawn! Daebak!

Here comes the grilled crab! It's so juicy that I can taste its freshness too!

I highly recommend their soybean drink as it's not sweet at all which means they don't add sugar in it, so you will know what a real soybean drink supposed to be.

More scallops!

A huge shout out to this shop! I tried their grilled tuna and oh my god the meat is soooo thick and juicy! It matches with the soy sauce so perfectly! I think it's also very tasty even without the sauce!

So damn thick! Seriously I can't find a grilled tuna like this with only 500 yen (about RM19) in Malaysia!

Woah there is even a flower shop in the market.

I got myself a soy milk drink XD

It's time to move on to our next destination -- Dotonbori!

From Namba station I walk for about 3 minutes to arrive at Dotonbori food street. Just like what it's well known for, Dotonbori is full of food stalls and restaurants. I even spot a three storey Forever 21 building there and also some famous Japanese drug stores.

It's a must to have ice cream in Japan! Looks like ice cream in Japan has richer taste in milk and I love it so much!

Shinsaibashi can be reached within 4 minutes walking distance so I decided to go there on foot. The Shinsaibashi shopping arcade is so crowded so I just have a short and quick walk around there. I found some Japan brand shops such as Wego, 3 coins, GU and Lowrys Farm.

After walking out of Shinsaibashi indoor shoppping street and strolling at nearby, I come across Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

For dinner, I have Oden from Family Mart nearby my hotel and it tastes the same as I had in Taiwan. So there is not much differences between Family Mart in Taiwan and Japan in my opinion.

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