Carol in Japan ~Day 1~ #Osaka

by - June 20, 2017

Day 1--Singapore Changi Airport--Taipei Taoyuan International Airport--Osaka Kansai Airport--Check in hotel

This time I'm flying with China Airlines, which is the largest airline in Taiwan. I stopped at Taoyuan International Airport for transit as there are no other direct flights to Osaka based on my search in the internet except Singapore Airline. However SIA ticket is too expensive to me so I have chose China Airlines in the end.

I depart from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 and my flight time is 10.25am so I have to wake up very early in the morning to prepare myself TT

Anyway the excitement of travelling made me forget about my tiredness. Without any delay, let's begin out journey to Osaka!

The view from the window of my seat. XD

Honestly I'm feeling okay with temperature inside the plane in the beginning, but as time passes by the temperature gets colder until I need to use the blanket they provided to keep myself warm.

After a while, stewardess started to serve us some drinks and snacks. I had orange juice and some snacks while I was watching Goblin(K drama) from the small TV in front of me.

At about 1pm, they start serving lunch to us. I'm pretty impressed with the food they served as it comes in a full set with fruits(my favorite!), salad, main course and dessert!!!

I tried their beef noodles set while my sister tried chicken rice. Personally I think the fruits are considered fresh as it's juicy so it does not taste like canned fruits. Also I'm so in love with their tangerine mouse cake! I have never tasted a tangerine cake before so this is the first time, but I'm feeling impressive!

I arrived at Taoyuan International Airport at about 3pm and I was just wandering around shops in the airport to find something to do.

After 2 hours of wandering( the time passes quite fast actually), I boarded the plane to Osaka!!

There were less passengers this time compared to the outgoing flight from Singapore and most of them look like Japanese. Probably they are tourists from Japan who traveled to Taiwan.

This is the view when the plane took off from Taoyuan International Airport. It looks a bit dark as the sun is setting.

As the plane was super less crowded than before, I received my meal very shortly after the seatbelt sign above us turned off.

Grilled fish with rice set!!! XD

I'm a genuine fish lover so I will never let go any dishes with fish haha! The taste was pretty nice, just like what you will get in normal restaurant. So definitely thumbs up for this meal!!

It took about two hours to reach Osaka. By the time I arrived at the airport and finished all the immigration processes it was already 9pm. (The time in time is 1 hour faster than the time in Malaysia)

After that, I went to Kansai Airport station (take escalator to second floor after collecting your baggage, go into the glass door on your left) to take Nankai trains. You can also take Haruka trains if you are staying near Shin Osaka station. You are eligible to buy Haruka discount ticket if you buy ICOCA+Haruka package or if you already have an ICOCA Card. With ICOCA Card, you can buy Haruka one way ticket to Shin Osaka station at 1300 yen instead of  2330 yen for unreserved seat.

I'm staying near Kitahama station so I take Nankai train to Tengachaya, and from there I change to subway Sakaisuji line. So after a few stops I finally arrived at Kitahama station.

So this is the end of day 1 at Osaka, stay tuned for day 2, 3 and so on!

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