Van Cleef & Arpels @Art Science Museum Singapore

by - April 11, 2017

This is the last exhibition I had been to during my trip to Art science museum Singapore. It was not as fun and interesting as the Future World, but it was a fantastic experience though. I got to see lots of diamonds and pearls that will cost a bungalow! XP They are too dazzling to be described in words.

These pink diamonds are so attractive!

This one looks so extraordinary as though this is the only one on the Earth.

Look at its color, it is such a rare natural color.

There are always a lot of amazing things in the Earth that are forgotten by us. Don't you think the Earth is wonderful?  The Earth has these naturally produced gems and diamonds by our environment which cannot be replaced by human made one.

 Sometimes we get unexpected results in a situation that we did not expect anything good to happen. Just like these rocks, sometimes we will get a hidden jade inside a seemingly insignificant rock.

Aww I love this flower clip so much!

Anyone wants a tiara? Here it is hahaha XD

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