Future World @Art Science Museum Singapore

by - April 10, 2017

Hey guys! I'm back with my second exhibition at Art Science Museum-- Future world. This exhibition is really suitable for families with small kids. No matter how old you are, you gonna love this one, trust me! When I checked their website yesterday, I found that this exhibition still open! I guess they want to extend the exhibition period because of its popularity! This exhibition is also held in many other countries and is presented by Team Lab.

I love these fluttering butterflies and moving flowers on the walls! It is so amazing to be there! XD

100 years Sea Animation Diorama by team Lab

Media Block Chair by team Lab

These flowers will follow where you go! Isn't it fantastic?

Graffiti Nature by team Lab

Light Ball Orchestra by team Lab

The balls will change their color!

And here comes the Crystal Universe, which is the last part and the most breathtaking part of the exhibition. This part is just like the main character in a movie or even a climax of a plot.

I stayed at here for the longest time to enjoy its unique beauty as this really requires some time to truly revel in this creative and artistic environment prepared by engineers, programmers and artists from team Lab.

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