SIIDCHA Cafe Jiufen

by - March 06, 2017

When I was wandering across the streets of Jiufen, I found a perfect chilling spot. XD

It is a cafe that serves many kinds of tea (with flavours you normally won't be able to try simply anywhere else) and also some healthy food which focuses on grain as ingredients.

They also served some grain snacks for us and trust me it is delicious!

Besides, it is open air in the highest floor, so those who are not afraid of height can go to the highest floor to enjoy an amazing view of Jiufen. For those who are afraid of height like me, you can just stay at the second floor and enjoy the wonderful view through the window too. XD

I didn't managed to try out their main course as I was only having a tea time there so whoever visits this cafe and has tried their main course please tell me how tasty it is haha!

Anyway the waffle is awesome ( it is much thicker and softer but crispy outside) and the tea is wonderful! For those who loves cafe hopping, don't miss out this one in Taiwan! XP

New Taipei City,
 Ruifang District, 
Jishan St,

Close at 7pm.

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