OOTD for students #1

by - March 14, 2017

Feeling frustrated when you are always late for morning class because you take too much time on deciding what to wear?

Feeling super tired as you have to wake up half an hour earlier so that you have enough time to decide what to wear to college or university?

And sometimes you just wanna say FML when you saw your friends having perfect 'outfit of the day' and attending class on time, but you always mess up your ootd to avoid being late.

Well if these are the cases, then keep reading! XD

Wanna be chic and sleek but worried being overdressed for school? Check out some of simple but trendy outfits below as they will give you some inspirations!

1) T-shirt + short pants + sneaker = 100%

2)Long sleeve / short sleeve shirt + button down skirt

3)Sweater + jeans

4)T-shirt + jumper dress

Have you found your favourite ootd look? If not, wait for #2, it's coming up soon!

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