Carol in Taiwan ~Day 7~

by - March 23, 2017

Day 7--Taipei Aowanda(奥万大)--Beitou Library(北投图书馆)--Beitou Thermal Valley(地热谷)

On day 7th, we went to Taipei Aowanda to enjoy a beautiful scenery of maple leaves. Taipei Aowanda is well known for its maple trees as one of the best photo taking place in Taipei. As I never truly seen a maple tree right in front of me before, so I'm really excited to go there and arrange it in my must visit places in Taiwan.

Unfortunately, the maple leaves have not turned red and orange at the time I visited there! TT

I was like what on earth was happening now??? I checked online before I decided to go there and according to the website I was supposed to see all of the maple leaves in red in late November......

And I really came in late November.

But I got nothing......=.=

I was told by a local woman that something was wrong this year as the maple leaves started to become red at the same time last year.

So, in a nutshell, we were unlucky. Super unlucky. :(

We took a 303 bus at bus station outside Shilin station and got off the bus at Xiaguoxi station.(下过溪站)

Anyway, I still wandered around there as I still can't believe what my eyes had seen and my ears had heard. TT

They were all in green😭

Dear maple leaves, why are you being so cruel to me?

Found some flower instead.

After that, we went to Beitou, a place famous for its hot spring. We had a late lunch at Man Lai Hot Spring Ramen (满来温泉拉面). I highly recommend this restaurant as their service is nice and food is great with reasonable price!

To go to Beitou Library and Thermal Valley, you need to take another train from Beitou station to XinBeitou station. It is more reachable from XinBeitou station if you want to visit the library and thermal valley.

Address:  No. 1-8, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112

I ordered seafood ramen and the serving is very big!

After lunch, we headed to Beitou Library! And you know what? The library was closed that day......


How unlucky we were that day. So I had no chance to get in there and take a look at their library.

The library also inhibits photo taking inside to avoid disturbing others who are reading. So, please remember that when you visit the library.

 Last but not least, we went to Beitou thermal valley. I did not enjoy a hot spring session there as it was super crowded. The thermal valley is located near to the library so we walked there on foot.

To me it was like a fairyland to be surrounded by those natural steam coming out from the volcanic crater. The hot spring is acidic as it is sulphuric.

I could not captured a shot of their translucent green water as there was too much steam that time haha.

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