Carol in Taiwan ~Day 6~

by - March 22, 2017

Day 6--Lengshuikeng(冷水坑)--Qingtiangang trail(擎天岗)@Yangmingshan--Elephant Mountain(象山)

Day 6 was definitely a tiring day as we walked and hiked a lot. However, the tiredness was really worth it when you found a lot of breathtaking scenery while you were hiking. It was a wonderful place for a sight of sore eyes and you will enjoy more if you went there in a cool weather. 

I went there by taking a small 15 bus (小15公车) at a bus stop outside Jiantan Mrt Station (剑谭捷运站) and got off the bus at Lengshuikeng Visitor Center. That was where I started to walk and hike to Qingtiangang. 

Honestly I felt so cold and even started to shiver when I first arrived at Lengshuikeng visitor center. After I went hiking for about half an hour, my body warmed up and I even started to sweat a little.  I just kept following the trail while enjoying the scenery and the coldness in my body went away after a while.

This is the view from Lengshuikeng Visitor Center. You can imagine how cold it is by looking at the thickness of the fog.

Let's start our journey to Qingtiangang!

There is a hang bridge along the journey, which is a great place for photo taking! XD

As winter in Taiwan indicates rainy season, the trail were wet and slippery so we had to be extra careful  along the journey.

 We made it to Qingtiangang! It took me about an hour to arrive at Qingtiangang. It was cooler here compared to where we started our journey as Qingtiangang is located at higher part of mountain.

This is the Qingtiangang trail!

It was too foggy that time so the photos taken are not clear enough. 

After a late lunch at a Japanese sushi restaurant, We went to hike Elephant Mountain in order to capture a shot of Taipei 101. So this was the second round of hiking on that day.

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