Carol in Taiwan ~Day 5~

by - March 16, 2017

Day 5--Tamsui--Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Seriously you can't say you had been to Taiwan if you didn't visit Tamsui. Tamsui is a seaside town and there is also a river called Tamsui river. Certainly, Tamsui old street is full of delicious local delight that you must not miss out. I find that it's very difficult to get food that tastes awful in Taiwan. Everything is unbearably yummy!

This is the view you will see when you walk out from the station.

Luckily it was not raining when we visit Tamsui as it is expected to be rainy during winter. It was a bright and sunny morning, like it was welcoming us to Tamsui hahaha XD

Awww I love the cool wind here! It's so cozy!

This weather was extremely fantastic! The sun shone brilliantly with radiant rays , white and fluffy clouds drifted across the clear and blue sky.

There are also lots of appetizing food sold along the old street. In Taiwan, you don't even need to worry about your stomach. It's gonna be filled with scrumptious food! Based on the information I got from Google, I find that many people recommend red bean cake, traditional cheese sponge cake, fried octopus leg and fried mushroom, and many more!

Do expect a very long queue for the traditional cheese sponge cake as it is too famous! I didn't manage to buy it because the queue was freaking long! Anyone who loves mushroom definitely must try fired mushroom, you will love it! Trust me!

We didn't manage to go to Fisherman wharf as we didn't have much time so we just spent the afternoon wandering across the street. Do go there if you visit Tamsui, or else it will be such a pity.

After dinner, my sister and I went to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall to capture a night shot of Taipei 101. For those who want to take a shot of Taipei 101, do come here! I took this shot at a trail above the lake. As I'm not using a professional camera but my phone, so the photo does not seem to be of good quality. 

When we got back to Ximending, I also took a shot of the night scene  at Ximending. It was so crowded at night!

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