Carol in Taiwan ~Day 3~

by - March 02, 2017

Day 3--Qing Jing Farm--Gaomei Wetlands--Back to Taipei

After having breakfast in our home stay, our driver brought us to Qing Jing Farm, which is about a few kilometers way only. It was very cold as the farm is located at a mountain. Cool breeze brushed over my face that I felt so refreshing!

Honestly this was my first time seeing a farm with white castle haha

Oh god I swear these photos of mountains have no filter and any edits, they are the original photos! The mountains itself are too awesome! 

Looking at those fluffy clouds is so healing and good to our soulsXD

Can I stay here longer? I don't even wanna leave here oh gosh.

Hey cutie sheep!

Come on, there is not any food on the floor, can you just look at my camera?

Such a greedy sheep :<

Those sheep are super realistic that once they realised you do not have any food to feed them, they will just walk away from you and start searching for food from other people. Anyway I still find them cute though.

I become so tiny while standing in front of of giant windmill TT

Hehe there goes my prince charmingXP

Look what I found! A maple leaf yeah!!

Wow it was way too foggy that time......and cold too.

Thank goodness I can still see the road clearly haha

Before we went back to Taipei, we stopped by at Gaomei Wetland to enjoy sunset. Unfortunately, the weather that day was too cloudy and windy that we couldn't even enjoy a moment of sunset. :( I think it would be better if we come during summer.

Nothing to see, isn't it? It was nearly 5pm tho.

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