Must eat food in Yidashao Pier-Sun Moon Lake

by - February 20, 2017

1) 阿隆姆夹心豆干 ( Dried bean curd with shredded pork )

It's a big square size tofu dipped with some black marinade and there are some meat and vegetables in the center of the tofu. (something like a meat burger, but this definitely much more delicious than the burger XD)

It costs NT 35 each.

2) 拉长虾 ( Elongated shrimp )

It is sold at the same stall selling famous chicken wing filled with rice. Fried prawn with fresh salad and some sweet potato rice , yummy! 

3) 年记做不复卖 (Fried lettuce with fillings )

It's a fried lettuce filled with some fresh mushroom and cellophane noodles. You can expect a long queue during holidays and you need to self service-- putting the fried lettuce into plastic bag and taking the sauce all by yourself.

It is so hot that my hands are almost burning when I am holding it haha XD

It costs NT40 each.

4) Tea 18

If you are tired and wanna try out their famous Red Tea ( 阿隆姆红茶)as you can find a place to sit down and take a rest in this shop. Most of their drinks cost NT50 each.

5)饭饭鸡翅 ( Chicken wings with rice fillings )

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Sorry that I have to borrow picture from others as I forgot to take picture when my parents were having it. It's a chicken wing with some rice and vegetables in it. Do expect a long queue as it is too famous. XP  It costs NT65 each.

6)烤山猪肠 ( Grilled pig intestine )

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