Carol in Taiwan ~Day 1 to Day 2~

by - February 20, 2017

Day 1-- Taichung-Fengjia Night Market

This was my lunch heheXD

It almost reached the land! Yay

After arriving at Taoyuan International Airport and meeting up with our chartered driver, we headed towards Taichung, which is the middle part of Taiwan. The car journey took about 3 hours which was super tiring TT

What surprised me is that the sun began to set at 5pm and this always happen during their winter season. So, please don't be surprise when you visit Taiwan during this time. I also heard that the sun sets later during their summer season.

It's already 8pm when we arrived at Taichung and finished checking in to our hotel. We stayed one night at Story + Hotel, which is very near to Fengjia Night Market. To me I think the stay is worth with the room price as breakfast is also included! Overall the stay was nice and comfortable with lower price.

After we settled down, we followed the driver to Fengjia Night Market by foot. The night market was super crowded and sometimes you even can't move a step due to the crowd. There were lots of food stalls and restaurants so you totally don't need to worry about your stomach as it will be filled up with endless delicious food.

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Fengjia Night Market is not just an ordinary night market as it is in Malaysia, which we called it as "pasar malam". If you think that the night markets in Taiwan only sell scrumptious food and beverages, then you are wrong. There are also shops that sell dazzling clothes and shoes at lower price compared to Malaysia. And I can be sure that you will definitely find your favourite fashion items that you normally won't get it in Malaysia with that price.

One of the famous food in Taiwan is their stinky tofu! How can you not eat them when you are in Taiwan! Gonna try their authentic stinky tofu there! XD

Day 2-- Miyahara-Xin She Flower Sea Festival-Sun Moon Lake

After having breakfast, we checked out our hotel and started to explore Taichung. Honestly we didn't have much time to explore much about Taichung as we only planned to stay for 2 nights there. Next time when I visit Taiwan again I definitely want to stay longer in Taichung.XD

Our first destination was Miyahara, one of the famous tourist attraction in Taichung which sells ice cream. It was an eye hospital owned by a Japanese doctor when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. Now it was salvaged into an ice cream shop that provides many kinds of flavours you can't find in most places.

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After that, we visited Xin She Flower Sea Festival, which was held annually from November to December. If you wanna enjoy the flower sea without paying entrance fee, you gonna add this place into your trip. XP

What a giant peacock hahaha

Even though it's winter season but it was still a sunny day. Luckily I remembered to bring my umbrella or else I can't stand the sun shone directly to my face as I am always afraid of getting darker skin hahaha. Of course it's not as hot as in Malaysia.

We had noodles as our lunch in the middle of our journey to Sun Moon Lake, a centre for aboriginal life for many years. We arrived at Sun Moon Lake at around 3pm. Sun Moon Lake is a huge lake with surrounding mountains and that feature makes it unique. We took a boat at Shuishe Pier to go to different areas in the Sun Moon Lake such as Xuan Guang Wharf and Yidashao Pier.

It's a bit cloudy that day and the sun was almost beginning to set so I can't capture the sparkling blue water from the lake.

There is a Xuan Guang Temple at Xuan Guang Pier. You need to climb over the stairs to get to the temple. Besides, there is a famous shop which sells Chinese Tea Leaf Eggs. You can give it a try if you are a bit hungry!

Oh god I love this scenery!

Last stop, Yidashao Pier.

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There are lots of delicious food sold here so we decided to have our dinner here. Please click the link below if you wanna know the must eat food at Yidashao Pier!

Finally, we set off our journey to our home stay for this night near Qing Jing Farm.

Check out for more about my Taiwan trip by clicking the link below:

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