Current trendy item: FISH NET TIGHT

by - February 16, 2017

Recently, I found that more and more people are wearing fishnet tights when I was swiping my intsagram. Personally I think this kind of tight is really a must to those who want to dress in a swag way. Am I only the one who thought that this tight is super cool? Tell me if I'm wrong please hahaha

Below are some pictures I took from stylenanda.

It can match with almost all kinds of outfits so you don't have to worry that your overall outfit will be weird.

Especially when you want to wear short skirt or shorts in a cold weather, this tight will help to keep your legs warm.

Let's see how some instagram influencers match this super cool tight with their outfits. 

Jestinna Kuan
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Let's take off our usual black tight and try out fishnet tight! XDD

Our fashion leader Jenn Im is wearing fishnet too!! What are you waiting for?

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Melotones, NYC blogger

Don't you think your outfit will become even more swag if you wear fishnets with long black boots? XD

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Famous make up artist in South Korea, Pony, also try out fishnets! 

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