A Trip to Flower Dome @Gardens By The Bay

by - July 08, 2016

Let's go to Gardens by the Bay! YayXD

A few days ago, my friend and I decided to visit the flower dome at Singapore. And so, we did visited it and the price of the ticket is totally worth it! XD

A kindly reminder for those who have not been there and planning to go there: pleasesssssss bring a jacket with you if you are scared of cold because the flower dome is indoor and it is VERY  VERY cold! ( Maybe I was too exaggerating haha)

These are the shuttle bus ticketsXD We decided to take shuttle bus instead of walking under the superrrrr hot sun. The hot weather nearly killed us...

These are the admission tickets to flower domeXD

The admission fee for the flower dome costs $16, if you want visit both cloud forest and flower dome, the fee is $28.

Here we go~

Oh god whoever architect that designed this building, you are awesome! XD

Hey pretty flowers! Would you mind that I take some pictures with you?
No response at all hahaha

Lots of people take their selfies here because this is a incredible "instagrammable" places.XD

I wonder how much money and effort they have to put in to maintain these flowers and plants daily? No wonder the entrance ticket is so pricey.

Aww thses white flowers are super CUTE! 

So crowded.

Shhhh I was talking with flowers! XO

Through the window you can see blue sky with some fluffy white clouds, it's so soothing.

ByeBye  XP

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