Trying Black Oats XD

by - May 15, 2016

Have you heard about black oats before?

I never heard it before until a day when my mum bought it from an organic shopXO

So I decided to have a try haha!

I decided to mix the black oats with a packet of Spirulina Cereal from Elken.

The first step you need to do is boil some water.

Then, pour the Spirulina Cereal into a bowl.

Add some black oats into the bowl.

Wait for the water to boil. After it boils, pour the hot water into the bowl.

Mix it thoroughly and start to eat! XDD

The black oats tastes the same as instant oats. The only difference is their texture but I can accept both of them hahaXD Do have it a try and tell me what's is your opinion!

Bye bye XOXO

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