Flower In The Window Cafe

by - April 03, 2016

Here I come! Flower in Window!!! XD

There are so many many flowers and plants in the cafe and I love it!

This place is full of oxygen as there are so many flowers and plants (carry out photosynthesis and produce oxygen gas haha XD) 

They are preparing the food hehe XP

Wow it is such an antique air conditioner XO

There are some paint arts~

Pan fried salmon with salad XD Yummy! Their food is authentically western and refreshing! 

Crunchy radish and cucumber, juicy cherry tomatoes, fresh salad, sweet beetroot and well cooked salmon with spinach sauce. When I looked at the food, my appetite increased drastically as it was so colorful which attracts me.

I love the way the cafe was designed because I felt so comfortable there^^ It is such a great place for people who feel stressed and need a peaceful place to relax their minds. Their staffs have good service attitude which gives us  a sense of home. The overall experience in the cafe was really good and I wish I can go there again in the future. ><


Jalan Dhoby,
 80000 Johor Bahru, 
Johor, Malaysia

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