A Gift for My Friend ( Sasa products)

by - April 02, 2016

Penguin! This reminds me of Pingu! Haha Nock Nock!

Aww so cute! XD

This bag is not from Sasa but the nail polish is from them.

The ARTDECO nail polish costs about RM39 each.

The GEL LAC nail polish costs about RM18 each.

I have never tried Sasa products before but I found out a lot of good reviews about their products from my friends. I used to buy nail polish from The Face Shop but this time I want to buy something special to my friend hehe

There is a variety of nail polish there and I picked for a long time! It was too difficult to make a decision because all of the colors are so attractive! I wished I could buy all of them XP

Bye Bye XOXO

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