Starbucks XD

by - March 25, 2016

I always heard people talking about Starbucks, but I had never try their drinks before. I knew the drinks are a bit expensive but it doesn't stop people from buying it. In my opinion, Starbucks is a branded coffee with its unique logo and long history, I think?

So I decided to have a try of Starbucks coffee last time, in order to know how it actually taste like, which attracts so many people towards it.

I went there with my friend, again it's Serene XP

If I not mistaken, I ordered Red Velvet Latte. One cold and one hot. I remembered it was raining on that day so I bought a hot one for me and the cold one for my sister. My sister extremely loves coldness (so freaky haha)

My name is written on it haha XD

Haha I love the design of their logo, which looks very cool~

My sister one. Oh so much cream on the top 0.0

I prefer less cream XD

It was a good try but I was wondering how much sugar is added into the drink? Hopefully not so much because I'm afraid of calories......

Starbucks Taman Molek

 Lot 21 & 21-1,
 Jln Molek 3/20,
 Taman Molek,
 81100 Johor Bahru,

Bye Bye XO

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