Genting Highlands~

by - March 23, 2016

Hello guysss! It has been a long time since I last updated my blog..... I'm really really really busy with my teats recently so I have no time to blog TT

Hehe finally I can have a short break now (no test for nest week yay haha)

I had been to Genting Highlands last weekend because my family had dinner there. We stayed in Awana Hotel, which is only located at the middle of the hill only. But surprisingly, the weather up there is very cool!! Cool wind blew to your face~

Unfortunately, the outdoor activities in Genting Highlands is closed for upgrading...... So we can only walk around the First World Plaza haizzzz

Look at this huge monkey balloons!! XDD

So colorful......

Statue of Liberty : )

By the way, I uploaded  a video in youtube about Awana HotelXD Check it out!

Bye bye XOXO

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  1. Why your room is in a mess?XDD
    Seems like not much changes has been made since the last time I visited there.
    Looking forward to the opening of new theme park:)

  2. The room is so small, of course not enough space to put our things==
    Still the same, but dunno when the new theme park will open......