by - March 11, 2016

Life is too short for us to have naked nails. So, please start brighten your nails with colors from now on! XD

By the way, do you know what is one of the biggest runway in year 2016?


But what is mean by negative space nail art? @@

It is actually a kind of nail art that leaves a part of your nails uncolored which displays your natural nail colors. Even though it looks so simple and minimal, it still gives you a very strong impression whenever you look at others nails.

If you match pastel colors with your naked nails, surprisingly you will get stunted when you look at your nails! I'm not exaggerating but when pastel comes together with your original nail color, it definitely gives you a surprise!

Please don't look down on polka dots. And please don't think that polka dots as a symbol of childish. Simply put a few dots on your nails will make you look even more classical than before.

 Getting bored with your french nails? Never mind, just border up your nails with black stripper! 

Want to make gradient effect with polka dots? Come on! You have to try this, girls! Use many kinds of colors of tiny polka dots, with some of them overlapping each others. This design is perfectly suitable for people who would like to add cuteness to their nails!

Black is perfectly match with any other colors. If you feel that all black on your nails seem too dark, feel free to add some light colors to enlighten to your nails!

Black and white will never get out of style.

Pastel + pastel = PERFECT

Don't ever forget metallic colors! It will give you a shiny effect on your nails and people easily get attracted with your nails! XD

Can you see that? Silver match so perfectly with black and white! Use these colors to make stripes on your nails! You definitely will love it! XP

We often put stripes after applying a plain color on our nails. Try to straight away put stripes on your naked nails! Your natural nail color will act as a perfect background color to the stripes.

A love in the middle! Don't use red for your nails anymore, use your original nail color will do!

Hope these nail arts will give you all some inspiration!

Photos taken from Pinterest.

Here are some of my negative space nail art:

Bye bye XO

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