The One Who Sell SECRETS

by - February 05, 2016

Have you ever met a person who acts nicely in front of you but secretly resents you and speak ill of you with others?

Have you ever experienced that someone betrays you, especially your best friends?

Do you have an experience like this? --You thought that the person is very NICE, HELPFUL and FRIENDLY. You thought that both of you are best friends. But you are wrong. It is not like that. You are just a TOOL. The person will act so nicely to you at first, slowly gaining your trust towards him/her, until you begin to share your feelings and secrets to her. You thought that the person is trustworthy, will definitely keep her promise to keep your secrets. Here comes the climax. The person will find a perfect opportunity to tell others about your secrets, just like the person are selling your secrets to others in order to entertain the others. And you have become their laughing stock. Of course they would not tell you that he/she had told others about your secrets, they will act like nothing had happened and continue befriending with you but laughing at you with others at the back.

And after a long period of time, someone come to ask whether you had done something like that. At that moment, you are dazed. You are confused. You remembered that you did not tell anyone about that since you are born, but except......

The truth is finally out.


It is unbelievable right?

But this kind of situation happens VERY VERY FREQUENTLY in our lives. Nobody will would like to be hurt by someone else, especially their heart. The feelings when you are being hurt, are unspeakable and will make you feel quite miserable. The hurt will leave a scar in your heart. It is treatable but cannot be forgotten.

You will always remember the feelings, just like it is imprinted in your brain or heart. Every time when you recall back those memories, your emotions will be affected and sometimes you even feel sorrowful for a long period of time.

But why? Why such things will happen to us even if we did nothing bad to others? Why do we meet such person, but not the faithful one? Why not the others, but it's me the one who suffers because of that? Why? Why?

There are too many WHYs in this world. There are too many WHYs that nobody knows their answers. Nobody. None of us in this world is able to find the answers. We could only accept them and let it go.

It sounds very unequal right?

But there is nothing else we can do besides accepting the reality. Reality is REALITY. It sounds so cruel, ruthless and merciless, isn't it?

The world is beautiful, but humans' heart are not beautiful at all.

BTW, this post is not direct to anyone, it is just to vent. XP

Bye bye XO

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