Sangkaya@Mount Austin

by - February 12, 2016

Let's talk about food today! Yummy yummy!

 Oh no! I'm feeling hungry now!! haha

Since you guys have seen the picture above, I'm pretty sure that you know what kind of food I'll be talking about today.

It's coconut! XP

Coconut and ice cream lovers! You MUST check out this! will regret for the entire life~

Sangkaya serves The Shake (ice blended drink with coconut flesh), Coconut Water, Cha Yen (milk tea infused coconut ice cream), Signature (premium coconut ice cream with natural topping), Sundae Cup and Cone (premium coconut ice cream with crispy waffle cone)

Hehe this is my ice cream! Yummy!

It's perfect for a boiling hot day, when your bones are melting in an oven with 300 degree Celcius. The ice cream is light and refreshing and gives a sensation of coconut which tastes like heaven.

The ice cream melts thoroughly as it enters your mouth and as it melts, the soft creamery taste of it really enlighten your taste buds!

Hmmm...I should try their coconut drink next time! XP

Bye bye X )

Mount Austin25,
 Jalan Austin Height 3, 
Taman Mount Austin

Serving Mon to Sun, 12PM-12AM

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