How to add Twitter widget in your blog without using POWr??

by - February 28, 2016

I was using POWr to present my tweets in my blog but I found it is not suitable for my style so I change another method.

I love this method as it shows up my tweets in a lovely way and that is what I want XD

I chose the black background hehe XP

Below are the steps:

Firstly, go to your twitter website and click the tiny box on the right.

Then, press SETTINGS.

On the left side, click WIDGETS. Next, you have to click CREATE NEW to customize your twitter widget. You can choose the number of tweets showing up, color of background, the dimensions and many more. You will see an example of your widget on the right side of the website.

Once you click FINISH, click GRAB CODE and copy the entire code. Paste the entire code in the HTML gadget which is located in layout. Adjust the position of HTML gadget so that your twitter widget will show up in the place you want to.

I hope this post helps you guys and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Bye Bye ><

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