CNY is Overrrr : (

by - February 27, 2016

CNY of 2016 has finally come to an end, which means our semester break is over!

Haizzz... miss my holidays so much! Currently still in CNY mood haha XDD

Meet my cute little cousin!! Awww~so cute!

Playing with his Thomas! XP

Playing with my sister once in a blue moon hehe ^_^"

My outfit in chor 2 XP

Chor 3 in Singapore!

I had been to Shaw House at Orchard~


What was he doing with the toy golf stick ? haha ==

Awww... he looks so tiny in this photo XP

Spent my chor 5 with my friend!!!

Dong Dong Qiang Hehe XD Actually it is Lion Dance ><

Let's Huat together! 8888

Happy Valentines Day in Chor 7 ,<3 <3 <3

That is all about my CNY, how about yours?

Truly hope that I could pass my exams with flying colors and graduate successfully from Ausmat! 

Bye Bye XO

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