All About Green : )

by - February 13, 2016

All right, I'm getting bored for my Chinese New Year because I had stayed at home for the whole day. There was nothing I can do. I'm tired of reading the English novels and doing home works. Isn't the Chinese New Year an opportunity to all of us for a break? But we seem to take the break over until getting VERY VERY bored. Maybe it is just we could not be used to it as it is once in a blue moon.

I tried to walk around my home and I found that there were many beautiful things that we had neglected before because of our endless work and rushes in our lives. 

Green. We can't live without green. We can't even survive without green. We will suffocate if without green. We need green. We need it.

Please don't think that plants can't talk and behave like humans. They are living things too. Both of us need each other in our lives. It is not that we can live without them or they can't live without us. We need to work together, but not just work alone. We are living individually, but as a big big team. Please remember that.

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