Negative Space Nail Art : )

by - February 06, 2016

Are you getting bored with plain nails? Yes, I am!

So, it's time to remove your plain nails and polish them with different style of nail art!

I'm inspired by Moeka Nazuki's nail art because of her unique style. Her nail art looks simple but it gave me a very strong impression!

As the saying goes, simplicity is beauty. XD

Besides, everyone can make this kind of nail art by ourselves without paying to other manicure shops. We can save money!

She is Moeka Nozaki! Look at her nails! XDD

Here are some nail art that is quite similar to Moeka's.

All these photos taken from pinterest

Do you get any inspirations from all of these nail art?

If you do, don't wait anymore, start decorate your nails now! X )

Bye bye XO

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