My Childhood Memories-Hello Kitty

by - January 24, 2016

Say HELLO to kitties!

It is the time for most of us to back to school! How is your feelings towards your school hehe?

As the school life starts again, it means that our holidays is OVERRRRR

Okay, we have to face with reality...... TT

During holidays, my table is still messy even though I did not go to school== So my mum told me to arrange all of my things on the table and drawer properly otherwise the cockroach will live inside......

After hearing my mum's "advice", I jumped up and quickly tidy up my table and drawer.

When I sort out my messy things in my drawer, I found my Hello Kitty Sticker Album! I remembered that I bought it when I was about eleven or twelve? I still remembered how excited was me when I got it! XP

Luckily I did not lost it or accidentally throw it away because of my "sotong" brain haha

This is the front side of the album. (OMG SO CUTE!)

This is the back side.

Honestly, I can't imagine that I had collected so many Hello Kitty stickers in the past. I felt so sad when I saw some of the stickers fell off from the album because it had lost its stickiness. So sorry that I had neglected them for so many years :( 

To "rescue" my stickers, I pasted them into the album again by using double sided tape. I do not how long they can be maintained but I will do what I can to keep them with me.

This is the Hello Kitty Fairy Tale collections from McDonald! They are soooo cute! I like this design the most! The Singing Bone~

The Little Red Riding Hood~

The Frog Prince~

Thank you Hello Kitty for adding a little happiness in my childhood and making my childhood worth!

Hello Kitty, you are always in my heart haha!

Bye bye XO

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