Ciate Nail Mask--Knight In Shining Armour

by - January 30, 2016

Hi~I'm back again!

Today I want to talk about nails XD

We often heard people applying their face mask before they sleep to moisture and brighten their skin, making our skin more flawless. The face mask is enriched with serum which is VERY VERY GOOD to our skin! It keeps your skin hydrated, and thus you can say goodbye to your dry-scaly-dark skin.

But, have you guys heard about nail mask before? O _ O

Maybe some of you haven't heard it before but it really exists!! Honestly, I didn't know there is a nail mask before I met with Ciate's products hehe XD So, please don't feel sad if you haven't heard it before :)



It looks so mini haha XD

It is an overnight nail mask, which gives you a BREAKTHROUGH in beauty sleep! It is enriched in Marula Oil for hydrating, brightening, revitalising results; and Urea, an extremely efficient nail moisturiser that penetrates nails to deeply rehydrate. It's very easy to use it, let me show you the way XD

Firstly, if you have any nail polish on your nails, you have to remove it with nail polish remover.
** I recommend you all to use acetone free remover as it is less harmful to your nails

Once your nail polish is removed, it's time to apply the nail mask on your nails! It will have a slightly cool feeling on your nails when you apply it.

Wait for a few minutes for it to dry. Next, all you have to do is GO TO SLEEP!

When you wake up in the next morning, you need to wash your nails with some soap and that's all. Your nail treatment is done! Now you will have a pair of hands with hydrated, brighten and revitalized nails! XO

Have it a try now! XDD

Bye Bye X )

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