My Shy Habit QAQ

by - December 12, 2015

People always ask me about the same question. "Why do you talk less and so quiet?"

Honestly, I keep asking myself this question too since a long time ago. But, I still couldn't get the answer till now. :(

Maybe it is because I'm too shy or any other reasons???

Since I was a kid, I always behave like a mouse in front of "strangers".
*strangers = people that I less talk to

I do not dare to have eye contact with the people that I less talk to.

My throat was stuck and my brain was at blank stage whenever I faced with "strangers".

 Thus, it is a difficult task for me to communicate and interact with others. X(

But, a good communication skill is quite important to me to be able to secure a place to "stand" in such competitive society.

Otherwise, you will become transparent and NOBODY will NOTICE you!!

Because of that, my father always advises me to force myself to talk with "strangers".

"You have to be used to talk with others. You should be more natural while communicating with others " He said.

Ya, I know communication skill is VERY VERY VERY important in our lives nowadays. But, I still couldn't get rid of my "shy" habit...... T^T


What should I do to get rid of my bad habit?

Or will I behave like this for the rest of my life??

Hmmm... I think I have to do self motivation EVERY DAY, EVERY HOUR and EVERY SECOND

I have to talk! I have to talk!!

Don't be shy! Don't be shy again!! 

Bye Bye X3X3

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