KL Trip 2015 ( Part 4 )

by - December 19, 2015

Finally, this is the last part of my KL trip! ><

As I mentioned in the last post, I will blog about my trip in Bukit BintangXD

I rode a free shuttle bus from KLCC to reach Bukit Bintang. The shuttle bus is light purple. The bus brings passengers to a few stations like Renaissance Hotel, Pavilion, Starhill Gallery and many more.

I board off the bus at Starhill Gallery.

Starhill Gallery is a luxury channel that sells all branded goods such as Dior, Debenhams, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Leo and many more. ( some of the brands are unfamiliar to me haha TT )

As the goods are all branded, the prices are VERY VERY high too. Actually we should go there after Christmas because there will be a mega sale up to 50% discount!

Sigh... Maybe I should wait for the next year TT

After that, I went to Fahrenheit 88, which is just beside Starhill Gallery.

Shops in Fahrenheit 88 mostly sell goods with more reasonable price XD

For girls, I would like to recommend a few shops, which are Mira Mew and  Mirrorcle because they sell dazzling clothes with reasonable price.

Then, I had my lunch in Tokyo Street at Pavilion.

There are a lot of Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo Street. There is a Shabu Shabu Restaurant at the end of the street ( I forgot its name ) and they serve buffet. There are many people queue up outside of the restaurant and this shows that the restaurant is quite famous. Wow! Luckily I been there before without lining up hehe.

I remember that their service is quite nice and they serve fresh meat! So, you can have a try at that restaurant if you have a chance!

I had lunch at Tokyo Teppan.

Haha my sister was eating her combo set with Udon noodles and Chicken Teriyaki Rice. Look so delicious haha

My favorite scallops! Yummy! 

Christmas decorations at Pavilion! Wow! 

Water fountain outside of Pavilion. They must had put in a lot of effort to decorate them!

That is all of my trip in KL! Thanks for reading my blog!

Bye Bye X)

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