KL Trip 2015 (Part 3 )

by - December 19, 2015

Okay, this is the third part of my KL trip.

Actually, we didn't been to many places as we just stayed in KL for 2 days. ( another part of the reason is because of the traffic jam :O )

Hehe let me introduce to all of you about the places that I had been to XD

First of all, Avenue K is the nearest shopping mall to our hotel.

There are many kinds of shops in Avenue K such as G2000, Kitschen, Muji, H&M, Cotton On, Nichii and many more. There is also a variety of restaurants such as Sushi Zanmai, Jipangi, Fresca, Dolly Dim Sum (haha I love Dim Sum XD) and many more.

Hence, Avenue K is one of the best choices for shoppers to shop in KL!

Hello Sephora!

Christmas decorations in Avenue K.

The next one is Suria KLCC!

Wow! The ginger breads are soooo CUTE!

Are they giant lollipops ? @@ 

Merry Christmas! :)

Can I eat them? Haha XP

The HUGE Christmas tree at KLCC. OMG

Isetan! Sorry...the image is a bit blurry TT

There are Parkson and Isetan in KLCC. Highly recommend the food sold in Isetan because they are VERY VERY delicious ! Most of them are Japanese food such as Yakitori, Salmon and MANY MANY kinds of sushi. XDD 

Almost forgot...remember to try the pomegranate juice in Isetan. It tastes so fresh and sour! ( haha I love sour taste! )

I have to stop here now, stay tuned for my last part of  the trip at BUKIT BINTANG!!

Bye Bye X)

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