KL Trip 2015 (Part 1)

by - December 17, 2015


I'm just came back from Kuala Lumpur (so tired after sitting in the car for 3 hours haha)

It was a 4 days 3 nights trip and we set off early in the morning of Monday.

Luckily we were not stuck in traffic jam in KL XDXD ( Try not to drive car in KL during peak hour as you will definitely regret if you are stuck in traffic jam TT )

On the first day, my family and I stayed in Silka Cheras Hotel, which is located beside Cheras Sentral mall.

It is quite convenient because you can easily buy food and water without driving car. But the mall seem less crowded because there are less shops and a bit difficult to find the mall entrance.

We stayed in superior rooms with two single beds which costs about RM 140 per room per night. ( breakfast included)

The breakfast provided is very simple but some of the food is a bit cold already. =3

The room is clean but the bed sheets have a little stain on it.  

The room is quite spacious.:)

The toilet is clean too but some facilities in the room seem a bit old.

Hehe... My sister and I

Hahaha my sister looks so cool XP

Hello, it's me! XP

I will post part 2 as soon as possible!

Bye Bye X)

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